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LED backlight technology

      After years of launch, LED display industry is gradually maturing, also consistently in the use of the expansion of the field. In recent years, statistics from the point of view, in the LED industry, annual production value of the overseas enterprises have exceeded 100 000 000 140, LED display shortage proves riding the wave of spikes in share market. From a market perspective, LED backlight technology does have its advantages lie.

      LED Backlight Technology: Ten lead
      LED as LCD backlight, compared with the conventional backlight technology, in addition to the color gamut of advantages, there are many singular strengths, grouped into ten areas:
      1) LED backlight for better color gamut. The color performance was stronger than CCFL backlight, can show the number of missing color LCD technology plays the role of a good cover, better color restoration.
      2) LED's use up to 100,000 hours life. Even if the continuous use 10 hours a day, and can spend 27 consecutive years, prolonging the life of LCD TV's use of, access to the overwhelming advantages of plasma technology.
      3) a large range of brightness adjustment. LED power control is to achieve free, unlike CCFL brightness there is a minimum threshold. Thus, both in bright outdoor or indoor black, users are free to adjust the brightness of the display device to the most objective state of Yue.
      4) perfect motion picture. Traditional CCFL lamp flashing light lower frequency, the performance of dynamic scenes can occur beating screen. LED backlight can flexibly adjust the light frequency, and frequency much higher than the CCFL, thus a perfect show motion pictures.
      5) The real-time color management. As the 3-color RGB light independently, it is free to display the correct color characteristics of the current control.
      6) can adjust the backlight white balance, while ensuring the overall contrast. When the user's computer and DVD video sources to switch between machines, can easily adjust the white balance between 9600K and 6500K, but without sacrificing brightness and contrast.
      7) can provide continuous large-size screen, light source array plane. Is a planar LED light source, light-emitting unit is the basic 3 ~ 5mm to the side of a square package, the most random combination with an established area of the surface light source, with good brightness uniformity, if the backlight for LCD TV source, the necessary auxiliary optical components can do very simple, even more remarkable uniformity of screen brightness.
      8) Safety. LED use is 5 ~ 24V low-voltage power supply, very safe, power module design is quite simple.
      9) environmental protection. LED light source does not place any ray, and no toxic substances like mercury, can be described as a green light.
      10) earthquake. Planar structure for LED has a solid internal structure, seismic performance is remarkable.

      LED backlight technology relies on its strange, overwhelming, gradually showing the use of strong prospects. Then, once a small Nan-depth analysis on for everyone to look at technology and CCFL backlight LED backlight technology relative ratio, LED backlight technology which eventually advantages, why is especially popular in the display market?
      LED backlight technology advantage -: energy saving
      LED light source is Light Emitting Diode (LED) of the abbreviation, to indirect light energy into electrical energy to light-emitting devices. As a new generation of LCD backlight with low power consumption, high brightness, long life of outstanding features.
      CCLF (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as the LCD backlight, it can not be the main element is the lack of mercury. This is all familiar with mercury, and this element is undoubtedly a substance hazardous to health.
      CCFL backlight LED backlight compared to the traditional, LED backlight with standard CCFL backlighting and general civil-class products to energy-saving compared to more than 40% in energy efficiency has greatly increased. In addition, CCFL backlight environmental hazards of mercury is a large proportion of a substance, but the LED backlight does not contain such hazardous substances, more environmentally friendly.
      The second LED backlight technology advantages: elegant solemnity
      LED backlight is the number of grid-like semiconductors, each "check" both have an LED semiconductor, so that the light source can be successfully flattened. The planar light source not only has excellent brightness uniformity, do not need a complex optical design. Thus, LCD's thickness can be in a more solemn, while with higher reliability and stability.
      Belong to the traditional CCFL tube light, the light to spread evenly over its back to the panel of every region have to match the complex auxiliary component. Its difficult to control the thickness of the screen, and with the panel increases, the need to use multiple light sources, which further exacerbates the complexity of design and savings, large-screen LCD TV is more sensitive to this. For example, the 50-inch and above LCD or TV product, the direct type CCFL backlight lifetime savings accounts panel weight to more than half of his savings.
      The third LED backlight technology advantages: ultra-wide color gamut
      LED backlight with light-emitting characteristics of a more uniform, expressive on the color much better than CCFL backlights. Can show that the number of missing color LCD technology to play well to make up for the role, easily NTSC 118% or more of the wide color gamut, make liquid crystal displays are colorful truly magnificent restoration of the bright colors of nature.
      Traditional CCFL backlight technology, fluorescent materials because of the restrictions, ability to show weak red lamp, the color filter with the color mixing effect is poor, can only achieve the NTSC color NTSC 65-75% region, even if taken to improve the model through the CCFL light source, can only reach about 90% of geometric NTSC color gamut, thus affecting the image quality.
      The fourth LED backlight technology advantages: long life
      The use of LED backlight life of up to 100,000 hours, even if the continuous use 10 hours a day, but also to continuous use for 27 years. Therefore, the use of LED backlighting liquid crystal display or LCD TV in the use of a longer time, the brightness of the state is better than the CCFL backlight decay.
      The use of ordinary CCFL backlight lifetime at 25,000 hours or so, the latest top-CCFL backlight, but also the luminous life of 60,000 hours, in the use of late life, LCD's brightness will be decreased and had to replace the CCFL backlight LCD module group.
      The LED backlight is no such problem, at this stage the practical application of white LED backlight life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, and the use of LCD displays basically the same life, but also further enhance the potential. Even if the 24-hour non-continuous use, the use of 5 years is enough time. Therefore, LED backlight LED life far exceeded the CCFL backlight.
      Five-LED backlight technology advantages: high brightness
      LED backlight brightness adjustment range, the flexibility to adjust the light frequency, frequency much higher than the CCFL backlight, thus enabling a perfect manifestation of motion pictures. The traditional CCFL backlight flickering lamp light low frequency, the performance of dynamic scenes, can place jump of the screen.
      LCD display device as an initiative, its not light, it relies on the backlight to light through the display panel display graphic images. Therefore, the indirect effects of backlight technology to LCD TV picture quality. The traditional liquid crystal displays usually take the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (cold cathode fluorescent lamps, CCFL) as a light source, which is caused by the liquid crystal display color CCFL not rich, color restoration of Difference.
      Six LED backlight technology advantages: You can adjust white balance
      Backlight LED backlight to adjust white balance, while ensuring the overall contrast. When the user's computer and DVD video sources to switch between machines, can easily adjust the white balance between 9600K and 6500K, but without sacrificing brightness and contrast.
      RGB tri-color LED based backlight white balance adjustment method, contains an independent monitor to run when the backlight brightness adjustment to a new level when the backlight panel temperature sensor reads the value, if the actual value after the color sensor large than the standard value, this lamp will add a bit of current duty cycle. On the contrary, this lamp will add a bit of current duty cycle. To

      The access drive current duty cycle and the color sensor of the standard value, using the particle swarm algorithm. Its strength lies in the initiative to conduct wide-temperature white balance adjustment, improve the response speed, reducing human labor intensity and improve effectiveness.
      Seven LED backlight technology advantages: ultra-high contrast
      LED backlighting over conventional CCFL fluorescent backlights will further enhance the light uniformity, rely on multi-point control LED, LED backlight, the contrast can be substantially raised to 1 million: 1 level.
      Simply put, contrast and Full On / Off contrast the same test also exchange all white display row shows the signal intensity and the brightness of black display signal ratio. And full-÷ contrast difference is fully closed, the display will light by adjusting the backlight lamp, so that exchange-wide white row shows the brightness signal higher ranked black signal exchange lower brightness display, and then to a more Great value.

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