Module power supply has to change and flexible, designed to be simple, and many other advantages.
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Advantage of the power module

       ● designed to be simple. Only one power supply module, coupled with a small amount of discrete components, power supplies can be obtained.
       ● shorten the development cycle. Module power supplies with multiple input and output options. Users can also repeat the superposition or cross-superposition, constitute building blocks combined power, multi input, output, greatly reduced prototype development time.
       ● Change flexible. Product Design For Change, change, or just the right power supply modules can be parallel to another.
       ● technical requirements low. Generally equipped with standard front-end module power, highly integrated power modules and other components, so that power supply design easier.
       ● module power shell with collector sink, radiator and cover a three-dimensional structure, to achieve a conduction cooling module power supply to power the temperature close to the minimum. The same time, given the power module packaging Jinyu the table.
       ● high quality and reliable. Module power supplies are used fully automated production, and with a high-tech production technology, quality, stable and reliable.
       ● wide range of uses. Module power supply can be widely used in aerospace, ship motorcycles, military weapons, power generation and distribution, post and telecommunications, mining, automation, household appliances, instrumentation and scientific experiments, social production and life in all areas, especially in the high reliable and high-tech field to play an irreplaceable important role.
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