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12V3-5A DC-DC power adapter 
12V3-5A DC-DC power adapter
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     Product Name: 12V3-5A DC-DC power adapter

     Product Description:
     INPUT: 12-38VDC
     OUTPUT: DC 12V3-5A
     MAX: 36 ~ 60W
      Products can unstable 13-38V DC voltage is transformed into a stable 12V voltage output, with over voltage, over current, over temperature shut down the output function. Can be widely used in automotive and other DC power supply system but are incompatible or unstable voltage workplace. The product uses advanced technology developed from PWM chip, power conversion work on the super-audio range, a significant decrease in the size and weight machine, while the circuit work without noise state, to achieve a "smaller. Lighter . more quiet and easier. "This product has multiple protection circuit, in use, can effectively protect the electronics and automobile circuit, when the output voltage exceeds the rated output, the product can be quickly cut off the output circuit to protect the safety of electrical equipment.

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